Roslagsleden Stage 4: Lövhagen - Domarudden

Åkerberga, Norrtälje

At Lövhagen, Roslagsleden once again crosses the old mail road between Stockholm and Turku. A couple of kilometres south, along the old Norrtälje road, lies the village of Ösby, with its post house on Queen Kristina’s old mail road. There are buses to Lövhagen, but no parking. After Lövhagen, the trail follows an asphalt road for a couple of kilometres. Then it’s mostly a case of forest tracks as far as Domarudden recreation area on Drängsjön lake.

The trail passes Brollsta golf club, with its 18-hole and 9-hole courses and restaurant. When planning out the golf courses, the foundations of the 18th-century Uddra mill and millhouse were unearthed by the small river. Other finds in the area included remains of settlements from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

The shelter by Lilla Harsjön lake enjoys a stunning location, making it a perfect spot for a break, and perhaps even a dip in the lake.
The area around Tärnan lake is beautiful, with numerous smaller lakes, ancient forest and rich cultural heritage. The area is now a nature reserve. Roslagsleden passes old Harsbro school from the early 20th century, with schoolrooms on the lower floor and teacher’s accommodation on the upper floor. This is one of the many village schools in Vallentuna. There is a school museum in
Össeby-Garn, see Section 3.

On the shore of Trehörningen lake, a couple of kilometres before Domarudden, there’s a shelter and barbecue area. The trail doesn’t go directly to the shelter, passing within a few hundred metres.

Contact information

184 50 Åkerberga
Phone: +46-767650660



Vallentuna municipality, 08-587 850 00,
The Rune Kingdom,
The Mail Road,
Brollsta golf club, 0770-456 797,
Domarudden recreation area, 08-540 208 25