Bo & Kajak Öregrund

Öregrund, Östhammar

Welcome to Öregrund BO & KAJAK

By the forest and shores next to bay of Sunnanö you will find a little piece of paradise that will make you remember Swedens beautiful archipelagos as they are portrayed in books and paintings such as those of Astrid Lindgren and Carl Larsson.

Take a refreshing swim in the sea or catch a fish to cook for dinner...
Watch as the Sea eagle soars the sky and the setting sun reaches the ocean floor...
Stay the night at your island of choice with calm and stillnes as your nearest neighbour...
Let the sound of breaking waves rock you to sleep as you lie on your back watching the sky.
Who knows, maybe you get to wish upon a star...

Bo&Kajak offers the possibility to costumize your own relaxing experience. The beginner can cruise calm waters in our beautiful archipelago and the adventurer gets his challenge in the rough waters outside the bay. At night you can rest your feet by the camp fire or in one of our cosy cabins. Whatever your preference is, fishing, golfing, bicycle rides or plain relaxing. You will find it here.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your personal gear and get going! You decide how long your experience will be

We have a lot of cabins and flats for rent over night or weekly! For more information or booking please call us or send an email. Listed below is some of the cottages we offer. For a complete list, please visit the website.

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Contact information

Lugnetvägen 1
742 43 Öregrund
Contact: Inger Ljung
Phone: +46-702805442
Mobile: +46-702805442
Booking: +46-702805442


Public transportation

All travelers by bus: Get off at "Kavarövägen". Walk 700m to Lugnetvägen 1 or give us a call!


When entering Öregrund turn right after the Shell-station at the Kavarö/Raggarö-intersection. Turn right again after 700 m, entering Lugnetvägen opposite a few stone figurines.

Directions by bus:
*From Stockholm bus 639 or train to Uppsala and then buss 811 to Öregrund
*From Uppsala bus 811
*From Gävle bus 832. Get off at Norrskedika and continue to Öregrund by bus 811.

All travelers by bus: Get off at "Kavarövägen". Walk 700m to Lugnetvägen 1 or give us a call!


  • TV
  • Bicycle rental
  • Canoe hire
  • Breakfast served