Blidö Hamnkrog and Hostel

Blidö, Norrtälje

Welcome to Blidö Hamnkrog & Hostel, we have a homely seasonal unit with aspiration to try to become a year-round unit with all of you.

Here you can enjoy warm summer days, good dinners, lunches, compile weddings, large and small parties, sauna and waterbarrel build up in our marina, and enjoy all that Blidö has to offer visitors and guests

Freezer and Refrigerator, TV, Microwave, and all other equipment needed for cooking and serving yourselves.
Both barracks has several toilets and shower areas.

Contact information

Blidö Hamnkrog
Stämmarsundsbacken 7
760 17 Blidö
Phone: +46-17682599
Mobile: +46-17682599


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