Lappdals islandshästar - Icelandic horses, Åkersberga

Åkersberga, Österåker

Riding tours on Icelandic horses. Also riding school, riding camps, senior citizen riding,networking riding and rehabilitets riding.

Lappdals Island Horses want to give you a positive and memorable experience with Icelandic horses, whether you are young or old, horse lover or not. By knowledgeable and qualified riding instructors they offer their customers a safe and positive quality experience in all activities and associated events. They want to help to spread the interest in horse race to benefit the horse racing and the SIF, Swedish Icelandic Horse Association .

Contact Lappdaldals horsefarm in the way that suits you best, you are welcome to ride the Gods Horse of Lappdals Icelandic horses. The company is authorized both as a riding school and horse riding .

Contact information

Seveniusvägen 26
Contact: Tina von Dardel
Phone: +46-854020344
Mobile: +46-706998992


Public transportation


From Stockholm take E18 against Norrtälje
Turn towards Åkersberga, road 276.Turn left against Österåkers k a / Domarudden and follow Sockenvägen.Take left at Båtstorpsvägen. Follow the road straight ahead for 1.3 km. Turn right at the sign Lappdal / Lapp Dals Islandshästar 340 m.

Take the Metro and the red line from Stockholm centralstation to Tekninska Högskolan. From there
take the train, Roslagsbanan to Åkersberga. Change to bus 623 and get off at Solskiftesvägen. 3 kilometres walk will follow