Riddersholm nature preserve


Riddersholm, far out on Rådmansö, is the perfect destination for excursions all year round. The reserve’s 20 kilometers of walking trails make it easy to explore. Many people stay the night in the nature reserve, either camping or at the youth hostel.

The best thing about Riddersholm is that the area is so easily accessible. You can get there by car, bus and boat, bicycle and motorbike. Even though it is located on the mainland, it has the character of the archipelago, with its countryside and closess to the sea.

Contact information

76130 Norrtälje
Phone: +46-767650660

E-mail: info@visitroslagen.se

Public transportation


Take bus 676 (Norrtälje) from Tekniska Högskolan to Campus Roslagen. Change bus to 637 (Rådmansö) and get off at Ridderholms gård.


  • Guest harbour
  • Swimming area