Lars Wallin - Fashion Stories

Artipelag, Värmdö

Lars Wallin celebrates his 25 years as a designer by bringing the acclaimed exhibition Lars Wallin – Fashion Stories to Artipelag. This exhibition includes many of his latest dresses and costumes that have never been shown before.

Starting on November 4th, Artipelag will be bringing a bit of light to the winter darkness with an exhibition by Lars Wallin entitled “Fashion Stories”. Nearly 200 of the famous fashion designer’s stunning creations will be on display and visitors will be able to follow the creative process all the way from idea to sketch and finally to haute couture completion. 

Lars Wallin – Fashion Stories showcases unique creations in exclusive materials from throughout Wallin’s entire career as a fashion designer. The exhibition highlights one of the few Swedish designers who works with fashion on a high artistic level with a focus on craftsmanship and quality.

The exhibition is based around four themes – crafts, fashion, bridal, and stage. Lars Wallin has personally selected works that mean a lot to him and in addition to ready-made garments, visitors can see sketches, toiles, jewellery, and even feel the fabrics. The idea behind this interaction is to create an understanding of the craft and design process, and to provide an insight into the work done within the studio.

Lars Wallin – Fashion Stories premiered at Prince Eugene’s Waldemarsudde in 2011 and has since toured many museums and art galleries throughout Sweden. Now the tour has finally returned to Stockholm and will be displayed at Artipelag from November 4, 2016 until March 12, 2017.

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