A daytrip to Grisslehamn


Grisslehamn on Väddö is a lovely little archipelago community with boating, fishing and many summer guests. Stroll along the water, buy some fresh fish and visit Edblad & co's design boutique. Next door is the Hotell Havsbaden, with its lovely sea views and todays lunch specials.The inner harbour area offers art,handicrafts and a restaurant.

Construction of the post office began here in 1755, replacing the older one, which had burnt down, in Gamla Grisslehamn a little further south on the island. The post was brought here from Stockholm to be transported over to the Åland islands.
In memory of the hardships of these postmen, a boat festival known as Postrodden is held every summer. The festival features some thirty postal boats with crews in period costume in a rowing race between Grisslehamn and Eckerö on Åland. Many sights and cultural attractions line the old postal route from Stockholm to Grisslehamn.

Artist and writer Albert Engström settled in Grisslehamn in 1902. Take a guided tour of the museum – his former home, Augustberg, and his studio located on a cliff overlooking the Sea of Åland. Along the way you can enjoy coffee and waffles served in the artist's old stable, now known as Kafé Kalaset.

The musem and the studio is open, Saturdays and Sundays, June 11 th until June 12, 11 am -16 pm. Daily from June18 th until August 21 st, 11 am-16 pm.

On the hill beyond the Engström Museum, you will find  a replica of the optical telegraph, which was built more than two centuries ago. The telegraph was a precursor of today's digital communication and was based upon different hatches being opened and closed in a certain order. It could be read from far distances.